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Firefly Nationals 2014 Entry Form & NOR

Download Firefly Nationals 2014 Entry Form & NOR

by Andy Weir - Fri 30th May 2014

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Weymouth accomodation and region info - get bookin

Lawrence Cooper has contacted us and as there is no longer a Weymouth Tourist office, some of you might like to look at the region brochure - some accomodation and general information. It is easily downloadable and hopefully a useful link!

by Caroline Edwards - Tue 20th May 2014

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Order New Sails Now

I am in the process of putting an order to Hydes for sails to be delivered by sea freight. This attracts extra discount so as a one off offer you will be able to purchase a new set of sails for 450 if you are an NFA member and order and pay for the sails by 29th March.

by Tony Thresher - Tue 11th Mar 2014

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2013 GJW Direct National Championships Sponsors

The National Firefly Class would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous contribution to the 2013 GJW Direct National Championships:

Rooster who provided the amazing prize line up

Hyde Sails for donation of jib, under and over covers and clothing

St Austell Brewery for AGM free beer

Marlow Ropes for continued sponsorship of the Marlow Trophy